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Reach the finish line with Thanos' glove

Glove Power is a free mobile arcade game developed by Yso Corp. In this game, you will control a hand glove as it walks its way towards the goal. The challenge, there are various obstacles along the way, and bumping into them will end your game.

Like other platformer games, Glove Power offers multiple levels, where each stage gets more obstacles to avoid. However, there will be power-ups that you can use to get to the finish line safely. Although, over time, players will find the lack of gameplay variety boring and the incessant ads annoying. 

How do you play this game?

Glove Power offers simple mechanics typical of casual games. As noted, the goal is for you to control the glove as it walks toward the finish line. You have to do so without bumping into the obstacles placed all over the map. Bumping once will end your game. The good thing is that there is no time limit, allowing you to take your time controlling the glove.

The glove was designed like Thanos' gloves in Marvel's Avenger franchise. Like the super-villain, the glove in this game has slots for power gemstone. Collecting them will grant you powers that you can use against obstacles. However, you can only collect one gem at a time. There are times when you will have to choose which one will work best in the upcoming obstacle.

As mentioned, there are multiple levels to the game, and each one will have a different design. Players also have the option to change the skin of the glove using the in-game shop. However, despite the stages changing every time you hit the finish line, the gameplay remains the same. There is also not that much change in the difficulty level, even if you've reached the higher stages.

Is the game good?

If you are looking for a simple game that you can play to pass the time, then Glove Power is a good choice. Its mechanics are easy, and there isn't much challenge to the game, allowing you to play it at your own pace. However, its simplicity would not keep you entertained for long. It also doesn't help that video ads are playing every time you complete a level.


  • Simple mechanics
  • Allows players to change the glove design
  • Multiple levels


  • Lacks gameplay variety
  • Not that challenging
  • Too many ads

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